Why we started the Children's Business Fair UK

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and parents on a mission to help prepare the next generation for next-generation challenges.

We’ve seen how authentic, hands-on learning and real-world experiences allow young people to acquire key skills vital for life in both school and beyond.

Children’s Business Fair participants are grittier, more determined and unafraid of failure. These young entrepreneurs know how to solve problems creatively and collaborate effectively with their peers. They know how to listen and how to communicate. And, like every successful entrepreneur, they are used to thinking critically – all in the name of constantly improving their businesses.

This is why we founded the Children’s Business Fair UK. We truly believe that young people are far more capable than any of us think. When they lead themselves, it’s astonishing to see how much they can achieve.

The Team


Sam Rogerson (Founder, CBFUK)

On a mission to prepare the next generation for next generation challenges, former media executive Sam, believes that every child has the potential to change the world in a profound way. Part of the third generation owner/operators of a Sussex Prep school, Sam spends his time exploring innovation in education in search of ways to prepare the next generation for next generation challenges.


Andrea Finnis (Ambassador, Farnham Children's Business Fair)

Andrea has 20 years’ experience as a management consultant across a broad range of blue chip industries. Since experiencing first-hand the energy and passion of young entrepreneurs at CBF events, Andrea is now running the Farnham Children’s Business Fair, set on her mission to encourage children to think for themselves and maximise their potential.

Past Judges


Neil Johnston (Founder, Vector Suite)

Serial entrepreneur, Neil is CEO & Founder of Vector Suite, an innovative 3D software industrial design program used by the automotive, architectural and aeronautical industries. Neil also owns ROCKETDESK, one of Europe’s largest games industry-focussed co-working spaces, based in Guildford.


Suzie Mackie (Founder, UK2Learn)

Suzie is the founder of UK2Learn. Established in 1997, UK2Learn offers educational programmes for overseas students, young learners, adults, teachers, work placements and guardianships. Suzie has travelled and worked extensively overseas and has more than 30 years experience of working with and teaching international students.


Tim Metson (Founder, Coverwood)

As well as his work as a chartered surveyor, Tim's myriad entrepreneurial activities on family-owned Surrey Hills-based farm include a new butchery, running upscale weddings and leading the charge to bring super-fast broadband to Surrey Hills. Tim is also director and trustee of charities benefiting Surrey's environment and infrastructure.


Ben Govier (Founder, Dylan's Ice Cream)

Surrey-based entrepreneur Ben has been making ice cream since he was a boy. His fast-growing empire now includes Haslemere ice cream institution Dylan’s Milk Barn, and his famous roving ice cream vans serving up iced treats at summer events and festivals around the country.


Alen Lang (Founder, Coloring Up)

Alen has 25 years’ experience in digital consumer businesses - the last fifteen in regulated sports betting. Alen is director of Coloring Up, a company he founded to help support the world’s largest gaming operators. Alen’s daughter, Ella, proudly sold her own special recipe cookies at March 2019’s Guildford Children's Business Fair.


Will Cardwell (Founder, Imago/Sportcam)

Following a career in finance, Will launched two highly successful photography companies focusing on school photography and mass participation sport events. Will is a firm believer in providing opportunity to the disadvantaged.


Emma Treasure (Founder, Easy Lunch Company)

Established in 2008, Emma's company provides hot meals for Sussex schools. Starting out feeding just 23 primary-aged pupils, Emma has since grown her family-owned business rapidly, supplying a whopping 2,500 school meals daily.


Paul Webster (Founder, Webster Consultancy)

Paul lives and breathes the exhibition business. Starting out building stands for bluechips IBM, Ford, Grundig, Kawasaki, Volvo, Paul eventually ran and owned events around UK and in Europe. Paulcurrently oversees the Woking Chamber of Commerce and runs the Woking Means Business event, Surrey Business Expo and Hampshire Business Expo.


Jason Bedford (Founder, The Mercer Restaurant)

Jason's is a successful restaurateur with a keen eye for detail and canny business sense. Having run restaurants in London and the South East for much of his career, Jason took the plunge in 2008, founding The Mercer in the heart of London's financial district and quickly establishing it as The City's lunchtime institution.

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