Guildford Children's Business Fair

Sat, 19th November 2022
Holy Trinity Church, High St, Guildford

Orpington Children's Business Fair

Sun, 20th November 2022
The Walnuts Shopping Centre, Orpington

Farnham Children's Business Fair

Sat, December 3rd 2022
The Farnham Maltings

What is the Children's Business Fair?

The Children’s Business Fair UK gives young entrepreneurs aged 7-17 the opportunity to launch their very own business, sell to real customers and make their own money.

The possibilities for creating products are limitless. Past businesses have included handmade inventions, greeting cards, baked goods, handcrafted jewellery and toys, t-shirts, decorative crafts, scented candles, needlecraft and even candy-floss.

Future leader, captain of industry or millionaire entrepreneur? Apply now to launch!

How does the Children's Business Fair work?

Develop a brand, build a product or service, create a marketing strategy…

…and then open for business at our one-day marketplace event.


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