Educators - Children's Business Fair

Future-proofing the next generation for life beyond the classroom

We are dedicated to narrowing the gap between traditional education and the skills needed for success in the 21st century. Our mission is to empower the next generation of gritty problem-solvers who learn through hands-on experiences in real-world environments.

We offer a diverse range of entrepreneurial programs for both online and offline learning in primary and secondary schools.

With a goal to equip young individuals with lifelong skills that extend beyond their academic years, our programs cover essential hard and soft skills crucial for thriving in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Led by passionate expert instructors and featuring engaging, high-quality content, our programs encourage student agency, making skill development an enjoyable and accessible journey.

This is real learning for the real world.

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Assembly (20mins)

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship and the CBF events

CBF Masterclass (35-60mins)

  • Hands-on activities including the Branding Challenge (rapid prototyping of a company brand), Unit Cost Challenge (calculate key business numbers against the clock), Sales Challenge (learn how to tell compelling business stories)

The Business Sprint (Whole day workshop)

  • Build and launch a business in a single day.
  • Small groups design a real-world business, manufacture, control budgets, work through costs/profit and design their brand.
  • Teams then compete to sell their products to the school community the same day.

The Build a Business Program (Whole Term)

  • An intro to key business concepts through hands-on, real-world learning.
  • Running across a whole term, entrepreneurs create, plan and then launch their own businesses at the CBF.
  • Full curriculum and mentor/teacher materials.
  • Supported by our video-based online learning platform.
  • In-person or license only.

The Build a Business Program (Whole Year)

Module 1 – Build-a-Business

  • Learn how to build your own business, launch in thereal world and make your own money.

Module 2 – Digital skills

  • Learn how to scale, create and launch a simple business website. Learn about social media and content creation.

Module 3 – Financial literacy

  • How to save, spend and invest the money you’ve earned.
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