CBF Case Study: Little Miss Moo - Children's Business Fair


Selling her scented candles at  Guildford Children’s Business Fair has given Amelia (aka Little Miss Moo) the entrepreneurial bug. We caught up with her to find out what’s next for her growing business.


How did you get started?

Actually, a few weeks before I heard about the Children’s Business Fair, I had already sold products at my school summer fair. I found out that I really enjoyed making money! When I had decided to apply to the Business Fair, I chose to make candles. As it was approaching up towards Christmas, I made Christmassy scents. 

What did you learn from both the fairs and how did you improve your business?

I learnt that the best way to sell my product was to speak clearly, smile with good eye contact, be confident when explaining your product, and then sell, sell, SELL!!!!

At the March fair, I improved the look and presentation of my candles by using a better wick for burning and using sticky labels instead of writing on loads of plain labels. For the next fair, I am introducing new products and will be making my stand look more bold. 

How much revenue did you make at the fair in March? What were your costs and what was your profit?

I made £320 at the fair in March. My costs were £110 and my profit was £210.

Do you sell your candles anywhere else?

After the fair I did a Facebook live on my Mum’s account. LOADS of orders kept coming in. During the fair, my mum was on Facebook and telling everybody about my candles so I got even more orders. 

What do you friends think of your business?

I am not sure about what my friends think but it must be good, as after my first fair in November loads of my friends applied to start businesses at the fair too!

What advice would you give potential participants?

If you ever feel like giving up, DON’T! Always try again because you can then learn from your mistakes.

What does the future hold for Little Miss Moo?

It’s a secret! But I can tell you that I’m thinking of doing something that is more fun next time for all age groups.

Check out Little Miss Moo’s video here